Sustainability at Tibbalds

Tibbalds’ Urban Designer Evelyn Wong discusses sustainability initiatives in the studio and steps to improve in the future. By Evelyn Wong In our project work, creating and achieving sustainable environments is at the heart of what we do.  For us, this means creating places that thrive by sustaining themselves economically, socially and environmentally – even … Continue reading Sustainability at Tibbalds

Cities Skylines: Game over for town planners and urban designers or a new level of understanding for future generations?

In this blog post Tibbalds’ urban designer Cezar Petcu reflects on how technology might be able to help to convey the challenges involved in urban design and placemaking more easily with local communities. By Cezar Petcu The idea of placemaking has always been hard for many people to understand, many believe cities and settlements evolve … Continue reading Cities Skylines: Game over for town planners and urban designers or a new level of understanding for future generations?

Neither bank nor trendy wine bar

Tibbalds Senior Planner Adam Price considers a key change to our high streets and what we should do about it. By Adam Price We’re facing unprecedented change in the high street at the moment. This is widely considered to be part of a shift in people’s shopping habits from physical stores to online retailers, predominantly … Continue reading Neither bank nor trendy wine bar

How Cycling Makes Places People-Friendly

Want laid-back places to live? Go Dutch and make cycling for all a priority! Article one of a series by Saskia Huizinga, Urban Designer at Tibbalds. Have you ever travelled to the Netherlands and experienced the serene atmosphere of their cities and neighbourhoods? Multiple canals, lots of trees, small houses, colourful businesses, cute streets and … Continue reading How Cycling Makes Places People-Friendly

Making people-friendly places

Together with the Urban Design Group and other organisations, Tibbalds have launched a campaign to put people at the heart of urban design, planning and engineering.  Katja Stille, Tibbalds' Director and Executive Board Member of the Urban Design Group, sets out what the campaign is and what it seeks to achieve, and reflects on the legacy … Continue reading Making people-friendly places

CIL – A tool for capturing social value or mitigating poor development?

Tibbalds' Planning Assistant Lizzie Bundred-Woodward who is currently studying for a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Westminster discusses the current arrangements around the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and considers both the problems it raises and possible ways forward for the charge. by Lizzie Bundred-Woodward I’m sure I’m not alone amongst colleagues … Continue reading CIL – A tool for capturing social value or mitigating poor development?

Making Connections

Tibbalds' Director, Katja Stille, considers the recent Transport for New Homes report, which examines whether our aspirations for better connected new places promoting healthier, more active lifestyles and connected communities are actually being realised in the new places we are building. by Katja Stille Transport for New Homes in its recent report is of course … Continue reading Making Connections

In 40 years time

The London Cycling Campaign is 40 this year, and Richard Crutchley, Associate at Tibbalds, was asked to contribute to the special anniversary edition of their monthly magazine, London Cyclist, on the theme of the next 40 years in London.  Whilst London has major problems to resolve, doesn't it all come down to a sense of … Continue reading In 40 years time

Gingerbread City 2018

“Roll up, roll up - your dough and your sleeves - the most magically edible city is coming back to town!” Tibbalds’ Urban Designer Amy Sweeting introduces the crispest, crumbliest architecture event of them all, Gingerbread City. Get ready to dunk. by Amy Sweeting Now in its third year, Gingerbread City is an annual celebration … Continue reading Gingerbread City 2018

Working with People and Places

Ella Stone has been working as an intern and a freelancer / design assistant within Tibbalds for almost five months and has been involved in some of the projects that Tibbalds has been involved with. Ella has primarily been engaged on the South Lambeth Estate, a regeneration project that Tibbalds are involved in, and she … Continue reading Working with People and Places