Sustainability at Tibbalds

Tibbalds’ Urban Designer Evelyn Wong discusses sustainability initiatives in the studio and steps to improve in the future. By Evelyn Wong In our project work, creating and achieving sustainable environments is at the heart of what we do.  For us, this means creating places that thrive by sustaining themselves economically, socially and environmentally – even … Continue reading Sustainability at Tibbalds

What does the ownership effect mean at Tibbalds?

Hilary Satchwell a Tibbalds board director and EOT director reflects on taking part in the Ownership Effect Inquiry, with the results and report - The Ownership Dividend - published today by the Employee Ownership Association (the EOA). At Tibbalds we’ve been living and working with employee ownership for over 5 years and it’s had a … Continue reading What does the ownership effect mean at Tibbalds?

What is Good Growth?

Tibbalds' Director, Hilary Satchwell, was recently appointed as one of the Mayor's new design advocates.  Here, she reflects on what 'good growth' means for the city in the week prior to the launch of the new London Plan.  by Hilary Satchwell The next London Plan needs to address the growth of the city without recourse … Continue reading What is Good Growth?