Making Connections

Tibbalds' Director, Katja Stille, considers the recent Transport for New Homes report, which examines whether our aspirations for better connected new places promoting healthier, more active lifestyles and connected communities are actually being realised in the new places we are building. by Katja Stille Transport for New Homes in its recent report is of course … Continue reading Making Connections

In 40 years time

The London Cycling Campaign is 40 this year, and Richard Crutchley, Associate at Tibbalds, was asked to contribute to the special anniversary edition of their monthly magazine, London Cyclist, on the theme of the next 40 years in London.  Whilst London has major problems to resolve, doesn't it all come down to a sense of … Continue reading In 40 years time

London’s housing targets…and what’s driving them

Richard Crutchley, Associate at Tibbalds, recently presented an overview of London's housing targets to the UDL event, 'Increasing Housing Supply'.  Here, he sets out the context for housing numbers in the city, and the evidence that it relies upon. by Richard Crutchley Housing is very clearly one of the major issues of the day and … Continue reading London’s housing targets…and what’s driving them

We Built this City on Rock ‘n’ Roll

Pondering the reasons why the world’s great songwriters have generally failed to grasp the lyrical opportunities of great urban design, Richard Crutchley – Associate at Tibbalds – reflects on the changing cityscapes and hopeless nostalgia found in an ancient Glaswegian long-player.  Between the anarchic and alcoholic study trip to Montpellier and the much more … Continue reading We Built this City on Rock ‘n’ Roll

Exhale on Main Street

With winter suddenly taking a chilly turn at the end of February, Richard Crutchley, Associate at Tibbalds, reflects on a moment last summer when he found himself caught in an unexpectedly pleasant urban moment. By Richard Crutchley It was a warm Saturday afternoon in August last year, and I had just purchased a very large … Continue reading Exhale on Main Street

Football and regeneration

In the office, I’m known for a few things; I’m the engagement specialist who bakes cakes, goes to gigs and loves sport.  So, it’s only natural that I am interested in what football teams are doing to improve their stadiums and how this impacts on the wider communities. What are the benefits for the people … Continue reading Football and regeneration

Word from the street (play)

Tibbalds' Associate, Richard Crutchley, has been working with his neighbours on the street where he lives to think about how they, and others, use it.  As part of an effort to think about what the street means to its residents, and to take some stewardship of it, they have set up a monthly play street. … Continue reading Word from the street (play)

Getting the best from your briefs

I recently made the move into town planning’s private sector after many years working on the public sector side for various local authorities, built environment charities, quangos and regeneration agencies. I expected a change of culture in many ways and there is no doubt that, culturally, the private and public sectors are very different, though … Continue reading Getting the best from your briefs