Looking back on Tibbalds

Six weeks ago, we welcomed our first paid intern, Kieran Easton, as part of a new annual programme of internships at Tibbalds. Kieran blogged about his expectations at the start of the period, and now returns to tell us how the experience has been for him. by Kieran Easton. My six weeks have flown by, … Continue reading Looking back on Tibbalds

Design and the New NPPF

Meme artists at work on the new NPPF.    The final version of the new NPPF was published last week with, perhaps, less fanfare than the original 'planning reboot' attracted in 2012. Nevertheless, there are interesting revisions in respect of the treatment and role of design in planning and decision-making. Matt Shillito, Director at Tibbalds, … Continue reading Design and the New NPPF